Portrait photography for people who want unique and fantastic images

Captum Imago Photography specialises in bespoke portrait photography, wedding photography, pregnancy photography, newborn photography, corporate event photography, glamour photography and much more – all in a modern and captivating style.
Whether it is just you, couples, maternity, newborns, babies, families or pets, portrait photography can be about anything. Captum Imago Photography Gold Coast is recognised for originality and creativity in the field of portrait photography. Our portrait photographer looks for unique ways to preserve the essence of his subject as well as the most honest reflection of milestone moments.

We take time to get to know you

Captum Imago Photography specialises in creating and providing high quality bespoke imagery covering many genres. Originality is key for our dedicated portrait photographer at our Gold Coast Photography Studio and that is why it is important for us to get to know you. The things that interest you, styles you like and don’t like, whether you are adventurous or more reserved – all help our photographer to deliver photographs as individual as you. After all, the best shots are the ones taken when you are relaxed and at ease.

Exceptional quality

Exceptional quality and the ability to understand and translate the client’s individual tastes is an aspect that sets Captum Imago Photography apart from other portrait photographers. Add to this a portrait photographer who is passionate about his craft and people. It is these kinds of differences that help to ensure your experience is a positive, fun and memorable one.
Captum Imago Photography believes a good portrait should make the observer feel something, evoke an emotion. After all it should be much more than just a person and a background but a reflection of place and personality. So, if you are looking for professional and creative portrait photography then you have found us.

Fashion & Glamour Photography

There is no doubting, that beautiful, flattering photos of yourself can make you feel great as well as providing a unique gift for someone you love. Making women look glamorous is a specialty of Captum Imago Photography and this is why we have become experts in the field of glamour photography. We also do professional shots for modelling portfolios and fashion photography.

Family Portrait & Child Photography

Photographs of family and children are where some of the best memories are recorded and there is no shortage of reasons to get a family portrait. Whether you want to celebrate a growing baby bump, new arrival, ongoing milestones or special time with older family members, the humble portrait will serve you well. It doesn’t just have to be for displaying in your home, portrait photography makes wonderful gifts for family and friends.
Additional Photographic Experiences include:

Our professional portrait photography studio is located on the Gold Coast and our experienced use of light and nature will ensure beautiful photos every time. If you prefer your own location, that is fine too. Allow us to preserve these precious moments for you, before they are forgotten. We have a range of package options for all. Call today and let us work together to create memories for life.

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