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10 Tips On Photography For Beginners

published on: 18-09-16

Tip #1 – Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment Get out there and take photos of anything and everything. This way you’ll get to know your camera, what the functions do, what works in different lighting. The very best way to learn is to just do it. Practice is everything if you want to be a good photographer.   Tip #2 – The Rule Of Thirds Many photos look better when your main subject isn’t centred, especially when photographing people or a particular object. Most cameras come with a grid option,
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In this post we will look at 6 occasions when you should get those memories captured on camera.   #1 - Wedding Photography A wedding is probably the most obvious occasion of all, and there wouldn’t be many weddings take place where there wasn’t a professional photographer present capturing every moment of this extra special day. Even those on a tight budget will make sure someone with decent skills and camera gear is there to shoot the occasion. If you can afford it, spare no expense when it comes to
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How To Fix Your Bad Photos

published on: 18-08-16

You scroll through Facebook and see some stunning looking images, then you look at your own photos and think “mine suck”. If you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer, but just aren’t getting the results you want, then it’s time to take stock and do a bit of research to discover the reasons why.   Your Equipment More often than not it’s the fault of the photographer for poor photography, but it can be easy to blame the equipment. It’s true, some gear out there just isn’t up to
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What are some handy apps and tools for both managing your photos online or on your computer? Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones.   Dropbox Dropbox is actually a file sharing app which allows you to transfer large files for others to download via the internet. It’s a great way to share high resolution photos as they have quite large file sizes. Simply install Dropbox on your computer, tablet or smartphone, transfer the photo file you wish to share and pass on the unique download
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Portrait Photography Ideas

published on: 18-10-16

In reality, when it comes to portrait photography the ideas are really only limited by your imagination. In this post we will look at just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.   Shoot from Above Shooting your subject or subjects from above can really make for some interesting angles. Even climbing a few steps up a step ladder can give you that height advantage and a downward perspective. Try experimenting with this until you like the results. The subject’s eyes will tend to be more piercing when
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Photography is all about lighting, and great portrait photography is often getting that lighting just right and being able to capture it in the photo. That’s the first stage to capturing a great natural looking shot. The second part of the equation is for the subject to look natural, not staged or posed or.... forced. For a natural looking shot you might be aiming for one or the other, or a combination of both. Let’s look at some tips on how to get a great natural shot.   Make Use
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