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When people are asked if there was one thing they could grab from their home in times of disaster what would it be? It comes as no surprise that most answers are the same – family photos. That drive to preserve memories is a powerful one and signifies the importance of capturing those precious images in the visual form.

With you for life

There is no one more aware of the importance of family photography than Captum Imago Photography. After all, photographs are our legacy! We make it our mission to use our skill to create timeless pieces to convey your story. From prints for albums, wall art, or mounted images, your story will be told for generations. Whether it’s special milestone events or just wanting to record a place in time with a loved one, we are experts at preserving that moment for you with professional photography on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.
We are masters at capturing important people and events in your lives, taking care of everything from Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Pregnancy Photography and Newborn Photography to Corporate Event Photography.
There can be no underestimating the celebrations of pregnancy, birth and weddings, special events and childhood milestones, and every emotion can be immortalised in photography.
Complete Printing & Canvas Printing Services Available
We also specialise in Commercial and onsite photography with a complete mobile studio
Captum Imago

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We take time to get to know you-

Captum Imago Photography specialises in creating and providing high quality bespoke imagery covering many genres. Originality is key for our dedicated photographer at our Gold Coast Photography Studio and that is why it is important for us to get to know you. The things that interest you, styles you like and don’t like, whether you are adventurous or more reserved – all help in delivering photographs as individual as you. After all, the best shots are the ones taken when you are relaxed and at ease.

A picture tells a thousand words

As the saying goes, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ and we make sure the story behind every shot is clearly, emotionally and professionally portrayed through creative professional photography techniques. Much more than a picture, our photographs are your personal story and timeline of those you love.

It doesn’t have to be a special event photography experience. In fact, it is often those candid shots of loved ones randomly snapped at no specific occasion like a simple family gathering, are the ones we love the most.